About Us

Brown Bear is an assorted and colorful band of misfits, miscreants and intellectuals commissioned together for the enjoyment of coffee in all its incarnations. With beans sourced from the best regions around the world, we roast locally in Tampa, FL.

We have an unrelenting passion for delivering the very best coffee on the market today.

Origins of Brown bear, as told by founder Rishi Ramkissoon:

"I was born and raised in the West Indies to a family with deep agricultural roots. My great-grandfather would grow and roast his own coffee and cacao. I spent summers running and playing under the forest canopy where coffee grew and yellow-red cocoa pods were scattered around. As I grew up to be a man of Science, agriculture and the love of food came naturally to me as they are both one and the same. It was only a matter of time before I became curious about coffee roasting; my love for the espresso I had all over Toscana led me to create my own. I started with a Sonofresco home roaster and taught myself the relationships between thermodynamics and coffee flavor dimensions. My espresso blend, named Mishka, was well received and eventually I was urged to scale up to a full venture by friends who believed in the coffee and the enterprise. Today we are a specialty nano-roaster specializing in craft, custom coffees for wholesale and retail channels. We cover a wide spectrum, from light, developed roasts for Nitro cold brew applications to longer roasted espresso blends that can stand up to milk. I now roast on a propane-fired US Roaster Corp. Revelation Roaster; I still prefer the classic way of roasting with flame. The roaster is very low emissions thanks to a built-in converter and recycles heat to reduce propane usage."